My Lunch at Forest House

The View from the Forest House

The Forest House Bistro and Cafe, Voted one of the Philippines Top Restaurants by the Philippine Tatler.

Baguio Cathedral, were Mrs Ang met with A & P
My Grandmother needed to meet her lawyer in Baguio (Atty PS) to discuss how she can settle the unpaid obligations of the heirs of her friend Mrs CC who died. Mrs CC bought 2 Properties from Mrs Ang which had remained unpaid.
So I accompanied My Lola (Grandmother) to Baguio. We met with A and P (distant Relatives of Lolo) at the Baguio Cathedral. They contacted Atty PS for Lola. Atty PS was not yet in his Office so we decided to have lunch since it was almost Lunchtime. Lola was asking where we can eat? I told her that there were a lot of Restaurants in Camp John Hay. P said that there was a good restaurant near Camp John Hay, though a Bit Pricey, the Forest House.
The Forest House is a cozy Bistro with an amazing view. It is an all wood Bistro, Wood panelling all around. It is also one of the Philippines’s Top Restaurants and voted by the Philippine Tatler. I forgot what A and P ordered, but it was the same, i think it was Fish. I and M ordered the steak, Lola’s choice I  forgot.
The food for me was not that Astounding. It was just ordinary fare for me. Anyway, the ambience was worth it.
After lunch we went to Attorney PS office. I went down since i bought some drinks. Then when I went up, A and P told me to go inside the office of Atty PS. Inside, Atty PS asked me if I knew the facts behind the case that Lola wanted to pursue. Upon reading the documents that Lola presented, Atty PS concluded that there was no case at all!! Mrs CC had in fact paid more than the balance of P1,000,000. The balance left was just P285,000.00. In the agreement, the balance was to be given upon turn over of the title of the property. The title was still in the hands of Lola. At first Lola did not want to believe. She even insisted that she wanted to get the House and Lot Back. Atty PS convinced Lola that it was useless to pursue the case as she will surely lose. So, Lola instructed me to settle with the heirs of Mrs CC. So, it was case closed.
Before leaving, Lola gave A the amount of P10,000 and gave P the amount of P15,000.00 plus Bottled Sardines (i think there were 24 Bottles) and Greenwhich Pizza (3 Big Boxes).
On the way, I dropped by one of the road side stalls and purchased Cornicks (3 for 100) and some peanut brittle.