This my nth trip to Singapore and the 1st for the year.

Day 1

After clearing immigration (which is now faster thanks to the E Passport, no more typing by the Immigration Officer) nanay and i immediately went to baggage claim to get our stuff. Then to the taxi line to get a taxi that will take us to the apartment.
Nanay and I were supposed to go out for lunch but got a text message from M that they are on their way to the apartment. R and L arrived an hour after M. We just stayed at the apartment for the rest of the day. I was too tired and sleepy to go out.

Day 2

Got up quite early as we were going to
Universal Studios at Resorts World at Sentosa. Around 830, me,nanay,L and R got a taxi to take us to the Festive Hotel at Resorts World. Taxi from the Moulmein Apartment to Resorts World was S$17.00. Check in was still at 3pm so we just checked in and left our bags with the concierge. We then went to breadtalk to get something to eat since Universal Studios does not open till 10am. After eating we went to Universal Studios, it was just 930 but we decided to fall in line with the rest of the people who were already there. At exactly 10am Universal Studios opened. It looked the same like the other Universal Studios but looked much smaller.
Entrance to Universal Studios Singapore
Shrek’s Castle (Shrek 4D)
Treasure Hunters
Water World Show
We first went to the Shrek 4D Adventure (highly entertaining and exciting, everybody will like this), after it was to the Treasure Hunters (this is just a carriage ride that will take around 3mins, kids will enjoy this but not adults). We then had lunch at one of the food stalls. After lunch was Waterworld (another highly entertaining and exciting attraction which in my opinion is 100x better than the one I watched in LA 10years ago but maybe because new technologies were used which were not yet invented back then. The last attraction we went to was the Monster Rock n Roll Musical (a very nice musical featuring Dracula, Phantom, Frankenstein and other famous monsters). It was almost 3pm so we went out (we got an invisible hand stamp so we can re enter again) and went to Festive Hotel to get keys to our room. We were given room no 666 !! The room is very nice. It has a huge king size bed, a sofa bed and a loft bed. It also has a big balcony overlooking the pool which is still under renovation.
The Loft Bed at the Festive Hotel
Bathroom at Festive
Bed at Festive
After few minutes of rest we returned to Universal Studios. Nanay and L did not stay long. While R and I went to the Mummy ride (a hair raising, exciting and exhilarating ride). After that we went to Steven Spielbergs Light Camera Action which recreated a level 5 hurricane in New York city. That was our last attraction, it was now time to shop for souvenirs. I got some glasses and shirts from the Universal Studio Store. R went ahead while I stayed at the RW gift shop. It was almost 7 when I returned to the hotel and in a few minutes would be dinner time.
L recomended RamenPlay for dinner and we were not dissapointed. Everything we ordered was delicious.

After dinner we went to the fountains outside to wait for the Lake of your Dreams show. By 9pm, the lights near the fountain changed colors and the show began.
After the show I tried the casino. Had no luck as I lost SGD30. Did not try anymore as I did not want to lose anymore money.
Day 3
Breakfast at Toastbox at 745am. I had the Nasi Lemak. Then check out of hotel. We then took a taxi back to the Moulmein apartment. SGD17.80.
Around 1pm, we went to Union Square and Velocity to buy some things to bring home
Rest the rest of the day at the apartment.

Day 4
Our last day. Left apartment 630am. Arrived airport 650am, fare was SGD$13.50. After check in and immigration I had breakfast at Killiney. Ordered Roast Chicken Noodle. Went around airport and looked at the shops. 820 we proceeded to gate E8. A long line greeted us, it was the security check. Waiting till boarding.