The main reason why I wanted to go back to Lucban is because of Dealo’s Merengue. The merengue I bought last week was not enough and I wanted more. My sister M laughed as to why I wanted to go to Lucban. When she tasted Dealo’s Merengue she agreed with me that it was the best. My Nanay also agreed and kept on asking for more.
1 Full Cup costs P70.00, bit pricey but worth it!
We also bought a different brand, Ven’s, but Dealo’s was still the best. The 70pesos price for a cup is justified, it is Melt In Your Mouth Merengue and 1 is not enough
Ven’s Meringue, also made in Lucban.
Good, but not as good as the one from Dealo
This costs just P55.00 for a Pack of 8