This is where we usually eat whenever we arrive at Baguio. And most of the time it is Breakfast time. I always order their Longaniza Breakfast. This is served with their Brown Rice. Plus the fruit bowl. All their breakfast sets come with a Fruit Bowl plus choice of Coffee, Tea or Juice. The Tea and Coffee usually comes with a piece of Botong Botong (this is a favorite of mine). I asked their waiter where they buy it but he said he doesnt know. I had M look for this in Bacolod but the ones he bought i did not like. I really liked the ones served with the Tea/Coffee from here.
Do not order their fish items as the fish used is not usually fresh.
Fruit Bowl composed of Freshfruits and drizzled with Wild Honey
Tea usually served with a piece of Botong Botong.
This is the Danggit Breakfast Set
Longannizang Hubad breakfast