Our hotel is located a bit far away from downtown. It took us 30 minutes to get to Holiday Inn Express from the Pier.
The Hotel is located in a very chic and elegant neighborhood beside the river. The buildings and views are very french. Very nice indeed.
The hotel is of medium size. Very modern. Very minimal decor. Rooms are of just the right size. The bathroom is small. There is no mini ref.
There is no restaurant at the hotel open 24 hours so if you are hungry and its already late you need to go out. The restaurant in the hotel is open until 10pm only and there is no room service. Most restaurants and shops are already closed by 10pm. The ones open are KFC and Mcdonalds.
Other amenities there are at the hotel, business centre (internet is free), meeting room. Laundry corner and mini mart (which is actually just a vendo machine)
Breakfast was okay. Though the selection was few. But why complain if it is free.
Selection to choose from, fried rice, noodles, sauteed veggies, congee, sausage. Juices, breads, cereals and juices.
Near the hotel is a Carrefour and a mall.