The Manila North Cemetery (or Cementerio del Norte), which measures 54 hectares, is considered the biggest and one of the oldest cemeteries in Metro Manila (oldest is the La Loma Cemetery followed by the Chinese Cemetery). Beside it are two other important cemeteries, namely the La Loma Cemetery and the Manila Chinese Cemetery. The cemetery is owned by the Manila city government and has initiated an expansion program to build more “apartment tombs” and a crematorium. (from Wikipedia)
The Manila North Cemetery is a Gem in Manila. The Architecture of the Mausoleums reflect the grace and elegance of a bygone era. The City Government of Manila should do something about cleanliness inside th cemetery as garbage can be found littered on tombs, streets. The presence of hanging clothes, people inside tombs sleeping add a bit of humor to the rather serious tone of the cemetery but they also reflect the story state that our country is in also.

The Manila North Cemetery is Open to the Public.
Entrance to the Cemetery

The first Mausoleum that you will find at the entrance of the Cemetery

Tomb of Claro M Recto

Tomb of President Ramon Magsaysay

Mausoleum of a Prominent Family, the Brias

A very old Mausoleum, built in 1913

Tomb of Manuel Roxas, also in the same area is the tomb of Trining Roxas, Gerry Roxas and Gerry Roxas Jr.

Tomb of Maria Basa

Tomb of President Manuel Quezon

Tomb of Pancho Villa

Tomb of Jose Basa

An Architectural Gem, Mausoleum of the Yangco Family, built in 1914

Armed Forces of the Philippines Cemetery

Masonic Cemetery

Masonic Cemetery

Mausoleum of the Hidalgo’s

Inside the Hidalgo Mausoleum

Tomb of former Manila Mayor, Antonio Villegas
Resting Place of Ronald Allan Kelley Poe or more popularly known as Fernando Poe Jr, The King of Philippine Movies

Mausoleum of Manuel Elizalde, brother of Fred Elizalde