Som’s Noodle house started as a Very Small Noodle House in a Apartment House in Makati. Now, Som’s has expanded, they are now located in a much bigger location and they also have another branch in Mandaluyong. 
Food at Som’s is far from the Real Authentic Thai Food. Their food lacks that flavor so typical of Thai Food. 
Tom Yum Soup – Their Tom Yum is okay, it also scrimped on seafood and other ingredients of Tom Yum. There are much better Tom Yum’s served in other restaurants.

Mixed Vegetables – Very Bland. We had to use Knorr Seasoning to add flavor to it. But the vegetables were cooked right. The mixed vegetables sold at the corner Turo Turo tastes better.

Bagoong Rice – Lacked that Bagoong Flavor. Could not taste any Shrimp Paste flavor.  The pork was a bit hard.

Satay Chicken – Another Bland Tasting Dish. The Satay lacked flavor. The Sauce also lacked flavor. The chicken used was kind of tough also.

Chicken Pandan – Bland Tasting also. 

The first time i ate at Som’s was several years ago. They were just a Turo Turo located in an Apartment. There were no Rice Dishes at that time, just Noodle’s. Even then, I did not find anything Extraordinary about Som’s. So it made me wonder why it was always Jampacked.

Tom Yum Soup
Tom Yum Soup
Bagoong Rice
Mixed Vegetable

Chicken Pandan

Sate Chicken