If you go to Puerto Princesa and you do not get to see the Subterranean River it is like saying that you have never been to Palawan. This creation by Mother Nature is a sight to behold. The inside of the Cave is truly amazing and worthy to be included as one of the 7 Wonders. You will be awed by the many Rock Formations that you can find inside the cave and aside from that you will also be amazed at the power that Mother Nature wields.

We got our tour from the Hotel, price was P1,500.00 a person. This price included the AirCon Van, Lunch and all other Entrance fees and Boat Fees. The Tour Operator will pick you up anywhere in the City and will drop you off anywhere also. The trip going to Sablayan Pier (The Jump Off Point to the River) will take 2 Hours. At the Sablayan Pier it will be 20 Minutes going to the Park by Motorized Boat. At the Park it will be another wait for a Paddle Boat (Motorized Banca’s are not allowed inside the River so as not to scare away the Animals living inside). The wait will depend on the number of tourists waiting.

The inside of the Cave is something that you will not see anywhere. Rock formations of different shapes, sizes, colors abound. There are also different animals inside like Bats and Lizards. There also a lot of Mosquitoes! So please do not forget to put an Insect Repellant. After the tour which lasted an Hour or so we were brought to the beach for a Buffet Lunch of Grilled Pork, Adobo, Kangkong, Grilled Fish.

I can now say that I have been to Palawan. The last time we were in Puerto Princesa we did not get to see the River. Its entry to the 7 Wonders has done wonders to the number of Visitors who want to see the river. Visitors reach up to 800 everyday. The Underground River is a Work of Nature worthy to be included in the 7 Wonders of Nature. It is Mother Nature wielding her magic wand to its full potential. I was amazed and wowed by the River and so was everyone else.