This Restaurant is a Lake Side Restaurant in Ayutthaya. Food here is delicious! Everything we ordered were delicious, specially the Garlic SHRIMP!
The Food we ordered at Pare Krung Kaow:
Garlic Shrimp – This dish is Simply Delicious, It was Bursting with Flavor!! I could not find anything wrong with this Dish. The Shrimp was undeniably Fresh, the Garlic was over flowing, the butter used was divine. Every part of the Shrimp was Tasty. This Dish has become my Basis in saying if another Similar Shrimp dish is good or bad.

Tom Yum Soup – Overflowing with Flavor, and did not scrimp on the Sea Food also. Another Delicious Dish.

Fried Pork Leg – Thailand’s version of the Philippine’s Crispy Pata is DELICIOUS as well. The Pork Leg meat was tender and the skin was Crispy. With the Crispy Pata, I usually pair it with Soy Sauce mixed with Vingear, Sugar, Onions and Chili. But for this dish the accompanying sauce was just perfect.

Garlic Shrimp
Tom Yung Soup
Fried Pork Leg (Their Version of the Philippine’s Crispy Pata)
Mixed Fruits served with their Salt,Sugar and Chili Dip