We were deciding where to eat breakfast this morning. We wanted to try something different so we decided on Flapjack’s at Greenhills.

We chose a Table outside since the aircon was a bit cold inside. We ordered The Pork Ribs Half Bucket and the Souther Fried Chicken which were all good for sharing. It also came with garlic fried rice.

First to be served was the Pork Ribs. The Ribs were quite good. Meat was tender and it just had the right sweetness to it. The accompanying fries were also good. The Southern fried Chicken was also good but the accompanying sauce was a but bland. It was white sauce which looked like soup! and even tasted like soup.

Service was Excellent. Our server Kat was fast, efficient and friendly. She anticipated what we needed. There was never a time when we had to call her attention for refills.

Flapjack’s is located in Greenhills Shopping Center. It is where Pilita Corrales’ Restaurant used to be located. Near the Old Theatre.