Day 2 December 3,2010

I woke up around 5:30am. I Packed my things then we went down for Breakfast at 6:30am. We had Tapsilog for Breakfast plus Daing na Bangus on the side. We left the Hotel at 7:45am for Calapan. At 8:00am we were at Magsaysay Town. Some roads going to Bulalacao town were the worst, they should not be even called roads at all. We thought the worst was over but there was still a portion which was terrible. Around 5 or 6 kms before the town of Bulalacao, the roads improved and after the town of Bulalacao it was already paved roads.


Stalled Vehicle in Bulalacao, M looking at the Road, and thinking how we can pass thru

Roads already appeared on the GPS Unit and it was possible to input Calapan as our destination. It placed our Arrival Time at 1210M. We reached Mansalay at 955am. Bansud at 11am. Pinamalayan at 1125am. At 107 at Calapan. We then proceeded to Max for Lunch.

At 2pm we arrived at Calapan Port, they have a different procedure here as you have to get a booking first at the Shipping Line’s Office. The earliest departure at 230 was already full so we were given a choice of 330 and 4Pm. The fixer we got placed us at 230 as chance vehicle. We then were instructed to bring the car inside. We were asked first to pay passenger fee of P20 a person. With 1 free so we paid 40 pesos. At the first stop the booking was asked for as well as the vehicle registration. After checking the registration we were asked to pay P258 for the Terminal Fee for the Vehicle. We were asked to register the driver also. Since we were a Chance Vehicle the guard first had to confirm, but we were given the signal to proceed to the RORO eventually. Inside the RORO we paid the Vehicle FEE of 1567 (Cheaper than the one we paid at Batangas). We then went up to the passenger area. The RORO left at around 310pm. Arrived at Batangas Pier at 510pm. Expected arrival at Mandaluyong placed at 651pm by the GPS.

The Road going to Bulalacao is probably the worst I have experienced. A 4×4 is definitely needed here and a very experienced driver. A newbie driver will never make it alive here! Just one false move and you can either go down the hills or get stuck.

Route Taken: San Jose – Magsaysay – Bulalacao – Mansalay – Roxas – Bongabong – Bansud – Gloria – Pinamalayan – Victoria – Calapan