This morning, we dropped of L at NAIA 3 for her trip to Bacolod. Since we were already hungry, we decided to go to Resort’s World to look for something to eat. We decided to try Mercado inside the Casino Area. I asked the Girl at the desk how much was the Buffet Breakfast, she said it was P400++, but if you are a member it is just P97.00. So I asked her how I can become a member and she pointed me to the Member’s Desk.

Signing Up was fast, just fill up the form and show an Identification Card showing that you are 21 and above and just wait for your Membership Card. Inside the Membership kit was the Membership Card which has your picture and 2 Vouchers, 1 voucher was for the buffet breakfast at P88++ and the other one was for P100 worth of credits at the slot machine.

We went back to Mercado, showed the girl our Vouchers and Membership cards. Paid for the Buffet which totalled P193.00.

The Buffet had a lot of choices if you will take into consideration the super cheap price of P88.00. There was corned beef, tocino, longaniza, tinapa, fried dilis, congee, noodles, pastries, pancakes, fruits and a lot more. There was also juices, coffee, tea available.

After the Buffet breakfast we went to the slot machines to use up the P100 worth of credits (which was only good for the day). Unfortunately luck was not on our side as the P100 quickly disappeared.

Anyway, it was a one of a kind experience trying the slot machines and eating Buffet Breakfast for less than P100.00. Definitely one of the best cheap thrills you can find in Manila.


If you are not a member yet of Resorts World, you can start by going to their website and apply online. Or just go directly to RW Manila and apply directly at the Membership Counter inside the Casino. Membership is free. After the Application and Picture taking you will be given a Membership Card with your picture and a membership kits with Buffet Voucher.


When we came back to Resorts World December 15. The price for Breakfast for New Members shot up to P188.00!! I do not know if this has something to do with the Holidays but I think it most probably does.