The other day (12/22/2010), we had a late lunch at Carmelino’s Grill (Beside the Old Domestic Airport). We were already Super Hungry since it was almost 2pm and we just had Toast for breakfast.

We ordered the following, Roast Beef, TBone Steak and Beef Salpicao.

The Roast Beef was okay. The gravy was good and the beef was very tender. The Tbone, though not delicious, was neither good or bad. The use of A1 Steak Sauce made it more palatable, the meat was very tender though. The beef salpicao was just okay, I think it was more geared to drinkers.

Over all, Carmelino’s Grill is geared toward’s the drinkers. As evidenced also by their waitresses in mini shorts and showing their cleavages. Price is a bit high.