We Arrived at T3 645am. After Parking the Pick-Up (we were lucky that a car left when we arrived) we then Proceeded to the Air Philippines Check In Counter for Legazpi  (could not find the web check in counter). Seats assigned to us were 4E (EPC) and 4F (VDM). After check in we paid terminal fee of P200 each. By 7am we were finished with the Security Check. We had Breakfast at Let’s Chow. Ordered Tausi with Spare Ribs and Fried Rice (P340)
After breakfast we proceeded to Gate 119 to wait for Boarding. Boarding delayed to 830 (supposed to be 810). Take Off at 9am and arrived 940am (the flight was time was just 35 minutes so even if boarding was delayed the plane landed on time)
We took a taxi to Santo Domingo (Fare P350.00, before boarding the Taxi make sure that the Price that the driver quotes you is the REAL Fare) We then dropped off the gifts at the Gregorio House then went to Sto Domingo de Guzman Church. We Took a tricycle from the Church (P30 Fare) to the bus/jeepney stop to Tabaco (1045am).
Boarded Jeep at 1050am (P20 each) and arrived in Tabaco City at 1130. Went to the Church. After the Church Visit we had Lunch at Noks (In front of the Plaza). We had Bicol Express (mostly fat but was Delicious), Ampalaya and Sinigang (Total Bill P146.00)
TABACO CITY – MALINAO (Pedicab/P150.00)
We took pedicab to Malinao from Tabaco City at 1205 (P150 Fare but we added another 50 as Tip then the Pedicab boy hinted for another P50 so total fare was P250) We Arrived 1230 at Malinao but the Church was closed so I just took pictures of the Church Exterior.
MALINAO – TIWI (Jeep/Fare 15.00)
At 1240 we took a pedicab to the jeepney stop (P20). At 1250 we boarded the jeep going to Tiwi (15 each). We arrived at Tiwi at 100 o Clock. We went to the Church then to DJC for Halo Halo. We Ordered the bison guisado (P90) and halo halo (P75)
145 took tricycle to Joroan. 205 return to Tiwi. Arrived 227pm. Boarded Jeep to Tabaco. Left 233 (Fare 21 each) arrived 255. 256 boarded bus to Legazpi. Bus departed for Legazpi 315 (Fare Tabaco – Legazpi 35.50 each) 4pm arrive Legazpi. Took Tricycle to Hotel (15 each)
Checked in at Legazpi Tourist Inn (P1400). Went to Saint Raphael Church then to Cathedral via Tricycle (when i asked the driver how much it was, he said “bahala na kayo” just gave him P30). Got a tricycle to Embarcadero (Fare P60). The Embarcadero Mall was disappointing, from the Magazine Articles and Pics it looked so noce but it was far from nice. So we just took a trike to Gaisano Mall. We bought clothes at Bench then we went to 1st Colonial Grill. We ordered Pork Sisig, Five Spice Chicken, Bikol Express and for dessert Tinutong na Ice Cream. Total Bill P733. We took trike from gaisano to LCC (P30 Fare) then we just walked to hotel.
LEGAZPI CITY – DARAGA (Jeep/Fare P10.00)
At 7:25am we checked out of the Hotel. 7:30am boarded jeep to Daraga (fare P10.00). Arrived Daraga 7:50am. Walked uphill to the Church. Spent 25 minutes at the
Church then we walked to the Jeepney Stop. Boarded Jeep with Guinobatan sign (Fare to Camalig P14.00). 8:25am departed Daraga for Camalig. Arrived 8:45 in Camalig. 9:00am we had breakfast at Let’s Pinangat. We ordered Sinigang na Isda and Pinangat P186. At 9:18 we took Jeep to Guinobatan (8.00 Fare). At 9:30am we arrived at Guinobatan. 9:40 we took a Jeep to Ligao (P15.00). At 10:05 we arrived at Ligao. At 10:15am we took Jeep to Oas (P8.00 Fare). At 1030am we arrived at Oas. At 10:44 we departed Oas via Jeep (Fare 8.00). 10:55am we arrived at Polangui and took a Tricycle to the Church (Fare P20.00). At 11:10 we boarded bus for Nabua. We arrived at Nabua at 1210. At 1230 we took bus to Pili (Fare P30). We arrived in Pili at 1pm. At 107pm we boarded bus for Naga (P15.00). Arrived at Naga 1:35pm. We then took Tricycle to Nagaland Hotel. We got the Standard Queen Room with Massage Promo for (P1300.00). At 2:25pm we had lunch at the Naga Green Plaza. We ordered the Naga Green Chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai and Yang Chow Rice (Bill P490.00). We then went to the Cathedral. We just walked to the Cathedral since it was just near. After the Cathedral we took a Tricycle to the Penafrancia Church (P16.00). From Church we walked to the Basilica. From Basilica we took a Tricycle to the San Francisco Church (P16.00). Afterwards we went to SM, then to Embarcadero Mall, Public Market, LCC Supermarket and LCC Mall.
At 7pm we had dinner at Naga Garden Restaurant. We went back to Hotel. Had massage at 845pm.
We had breakfast at the hotel at 7am. I ordered the Corned Beef Plate while M ordered the Beef Tapa.
Checked Out of the Hotel at 8am and went to the Airport 820am via the Hotel Shuttle.