I have been to Bacolod/Negros A LOT OF TIMES already but it was only recently when i was able to eat at the Old Pala Pala. We usually eat at the 18th Hole Pala Pala when we are in Bacolod but it turns out the Old Pala Pala is better than the new one.

Like the Dampa in Manila. You will do your own Marketing at the Market. Seafood prices in Bacolod are cheaper compared to Manila Prices so you can satisfy your Seafood Cravings here.

After buying your Seafoods you will then choose where to have them Cooked. We went to HYKSOS TULAHAN as this was the one recommended by KM and this was the only place that was packed. The other Cooking Places had few customers or were empty.

We had the following dishes, Halabos na Hipon, Steamed Hipon, Adobong Pusit, Inihaw na Pusit, Chili Garlic Crab and Grilled Tanigue.

Cooking Time will take a bit with all the people ordering but the wait is definitely worth it. When our orders arrived we were overwhelmed by the Volume! There was so many food that it could have fed a Family of 6. And there was just 3 of us.

Everything was just delicious, the Chili Crab though was not I was expecting but nonetheless it was Delicious as well. We had so many food left that we just asked KM to take it home with her.

OLD PALA PALA is located at San Juan Street corner North Capitol Road, Bacolod City.