For weeks I had been craving for Kare-Kare, I searched the Internet for the Best Kare Kare in Cavite (since that was our destination) and the results pointed out to Malen’s in Noveleta. It was an opportunity for me to satisfy my Kare-Kare Craving.

Last January 30,2012 we went to Cavite. And our first stop was Malen’s. When we arrived at Malen’s they had just opened. We showed ourselves to an empty table (all the tables were empty). We were given the Menu and their Menu was impressive. We ordered the following, Kare-Kare, Kaldereta and Roast Beef.

While waiting for the Food I toured around the restaurant and took pictures of the Antiques and Old Memorabilia they had on display.

The first food item to arrive was the Kare-Kare followed by the Kaldereta and the Roast Beef. I was excited to taste their KareKare. On my first taste i was already disappointed. Their Kare-Kare was Very SWEET! And their Bagoong wasn’t good also, though in the MENU it says Special Bagoong. It was a disappointment. The Kaldereta too was disappointing. The Roast Beef was Okay, but really nothing special

Though it was a SO-SO BRUNCH, they do have some promising Food Items in the Menu like their Pasta and Pizza which i will try the next time I am in the area.