We had a Late Lunch here last March 23. The place was empty when we arrived, probably because it was already around 2pm.

We ordered their Bagoong Rice, Spring Rolls, Tom Yum Soup, A shrimp dish and BBQ Chicken. The food was okay but there was something missing, it lacked the FLAVOR that is usually associated with THAI Food. It lacked Character, it was BLAND for short.

We were already finished with our food but the BBQ Chicken was still no where in sight. We asked the waitress about it. She said she will ask the cook. When she went back, she told us that it was still being cooked??!! It was already more than 30 minutes, if it was still being cooked it would have already burned! We just told her to pack the BBQ Chicken.

I had the BBQ Chicken for dinner and it was BLAND as well. And the serving was so small, and chicken cut so thin. It would have been impossible to cook it for 30 Minutes Plus. It would have been black all over if they grilled it for that long.

My rating for this Restaurant: 2 out of 5