PORT of DEPARTURE: Talao-Talao Port, Dalahican, Lucena
PORT OF ARRIVAL: Balanacan Port, Mogpog, Marinduque
Schedules of Montenegro Shipping: Daily 400am (Roro) 1000am (Fastcraft) and 1200 Noon (Roro)
Schedules of Viva Shipping: Daily 1030am (Roro) 1030pm (Roro)

Fees to Pay: Parking P23.00, Assesment Fee (Depends on the Vehicle), Arrastre (Depends on the Vehicle), Terminal Fee P30.00 and Passenger Ticket

Our Roro Experience to Marinduque

Taking the Roro to Marinduque may seem hard but it is actually easy (probably depending on the season, and Holy Week is a different matter).

Most of the articles i read in the internet said to be at the Port 2-4 hours before departure and since Montenegro’s schedule was at 12 we left our house at 6am so we would arrive in Lucena around 9-10. But for Low Seasons even just an hour before or 30 minutes will do.

We arrived at Lucena a little bit past 9am. We proceeded to the Talao Talao Port to check if there were a lot of vehicles there or if a reservation was needed (in Calapan you need to reserve and pay a fee).

When we arrived at the Port we were asked to pay 23 for Parking. A Star Horse personnel approached us and asked if we would be taking the Roro. Their Roro was scheduled at 1030 so we just took that instead of waiting for Montenegro.

Parking Fee: P23.00

The Star Horse staff asked for the OR/CR and 250 (for assesment and other fees) and told us to line up at the parking lot where it says Roro. Do not lose the Assesment Stub as they will get the stub when you exit the port.

Assesment Fee: P129.00

In a few minutes another Star Horse staff approached us and signalled us to go to the nearby gate. At the gate a Port staff asked payment for terminal fee. After paying the Terminal fee (Free for the first 2 passengers and P30 for each additional passenger) we went to the area just outside the Roro where another Star Horse staff asked us to pay P1872 (fee for the vehicle or arrastre). A vehicle has 2 free passengers (You will be given a Blue Boarding Ticket which they will collect inside the RORO for the 2 FREE Passengers) and each additional passenger is P221 (which will be collected inside the Roro)

Terminal Fee: P30/Person
Arrastre: P1872.00
Boarding Ticket: FREE for first 2 Passengers on Roro
Passenger Ticket: P221.00

After paying arrastre we were then asked to board the vehicle inside the Roro.

Talao Talao Port – Passenger Terminal
Talao Talao Port – Star Horse Roro
Talao Talao Port
PORT of DEPARTURE: Balanacan Port, Mogpog, Marinduque
PORT of ARRIVAL: Talao Talao Port, Dalahican, Lucena City
Schedules of Montenegro Shipping: Daily 730am (Fastcraft) 800am (Roro) 4oopm (Roro)
Schedules of Viva Shipping: Daily 630am (Roro) 1000am (Roro) 630pm (Roro)

Fees to Pay: Assesment Fee (Depends on the Vehicle), Arrastre (Depends on the Vehicle), Terminal Fee P22.00 and Passenger Ticket

Our planned schedule was the 8am Montenegro RORO but when we arrived at Balanacan around 610am the Roro of Star Horse was still there and the Staff of Star Horse was asking us if we will be boarding their RORO. We agreed instead of waiting for the 8am schedule of Montenegro.

While inside the staff of Star Horse asked us P200 for the assessment fee (it is actually P129) and the OR/CR. The Staff also asked us if we still had the Receipt from Lucena as they will base the ARRASTRE from that. An employee of the Port charged us P22 for each additional passenger.

Assesment Fee: P129.00
Terminal Fee: P22.00

After a few minutes we were signaled to board the car inside the RORO. While parked, a Staff of Star Horse billed us for the Arrastre and gave us 2 Boarding Tickets.

Arrastre: P1872.00
Boarding Ticket: FREE

While inside also, they charged for the additional passengers and collected the blue boarding ticket.

Passenger Ticket: P221.00

The RORO left around 640am. If we had left the hotel late we would still be waiting for the 800am RORO.

Balanacan Port with the Our Lady of Biglang Awa
Star Horse Roro arriving at Balanacan Port