After our Marinduque Trip, we were HUNGRY. So we went to JIJF LUTONG BAHAY NI INAY in Candelaria for LUNCH.

JIJF is located in a Bahay Kubo type structure. They dont have any MENU. You will be given 2 Choices only. Crispy Pata and Sinigang na Hipon. We Chose both.

Welcome Sign to JIJF
Intersection of De Gala and Argao Streets

SINIGANG na HIPON – Delicious Sinigang. The Sourness was just SPOT ON. Not too SOUR, just right. The Shrimp was fresh also. They used KAMIAS as a souring agent.


CRISPY PATA – though the CRISPY PATA was good, i still find KA AMBO’s better. The SKIN of JIJF Crispy Pata was crispy but the meat was too tender. I think they over boiled the pata so it ended up like that. plus it was not tasty like the one at Ka Ambo’s.

DIPPING SAUCES – Spiced Vinegar and Soy Sauce

Located at: Intersection of De Gala and Argao Streets, Candelaria, Quezon Province (Near the Church of Candelaria). They also have another branch at SAN ANTONIO Village in Candelaria.

Price of Food: Expect to pay around 900++ for 1 Crispy Pata, 1 Sinigang, Rice and Drinks for 4 persons

Pet Policy: NO PETS ALLOWED. Even SMALL DOGS inside Pet Carriers are not allowed.