What: Sunday Lunch
When: August 5,2012
Our Order:
Set – P982.00
Kalderetang Baka – The last time i ordered Kaldereta from Aristocrat was from their Original Branch in Manila and i enjoyed that Dish. Somehow the Kaldereta from This branch does not taste the same.
Lumpiang Shanghai – These were good. Fried perfectly.
Pinakbet Baboy – This was good too. Though there are better Pinakbet’s out there.
4 Cups Rice

Special Halo Halo (P100.00) – Did not enjoy Aristocrat’s Halo-Halo, there was too much ingredients that it turned out more like ginataan. The resulting liquid after mixing the ice was too thick for it to become enjoyable. Maybe its better to order the Regular Halo Halo or request for another glass with Shaved Ice.

Kalderetang Baka
Lumpiang Shanghai
Pinakbet Baboy
Special Halo Halo