Located in San Pablo City, Laguna is a house without any sign. But inside is where you can buy one of the best Sans Rival in the Country. The Half is being sold at P380 and the whole at P500 (there is something odd though with the price since if you buy 2 Halfs that will come out to P760 while the whole is just P500).

There is no place to eat the cake since everything is just to go.

I took a bite of the Unnamed Sans Rival after an hour when we got home and i was just amazed at how delicious it was (though the Sans Rival from Si Christine is even better!). It was sooo much better than the Sans Rival being overhyped and sold in Upscale Bakeries. Definitely this is something to go back to San Pablo for.

Where is it Located and how to contact: The Unnamed Sans Rival is located in San Francisco Terraces Subdivision in San Pablo City. This Subdivision is just in front of Folcon Bakeship. The House does not have any sign but its gate is colored white and the walls are orange. Their contact number is +6349 562 3620


Entrance to the Subdivision. This is the only Entrance to the Subdivision.


This is the Half Sans Rival, price is P380.00
Unnamed Sans Rival, 3 layers of goodness covered in butter icing and cashew nuts