My sister M suddenly had a Cake Craving. So off we go to San Pablo, Laguna on a Gloomy Wednesday.

We arrived at San Pablo City around 11am. We went straight to Folcon Cafe and Bakeshop in Crispin Calabia Avenue. We ordered the following for lunch (brunch since we didnt eat breakfast). Beef Tapa, Chicken Steak and Chicken Cordon Bleu.

After Folcon we went to the Home Based Sans Rival located in San Francisco Terrace. We bought the Half Sans Rival.

After the Sans Rival we proceeded to the San Pablo Cathedral. The last time i went here it was closed but this time it was open.

The Kalahi Bakery was our next stop. It was just near the church, along T Azucena street. We ordered their Chocolate Cake.

After Kalahi it was Si Christina next. We ordered their Brazo de Mercedes and Sans Rival. We also ordered a slice of their Frozen Brazo de Mercedes and it was DELICIOUS.

We were supposed to buy Taisan Cake at Cake Plus by Abba but we could not find the shop. Asking around was futile as nobody knew where it was so we just decided to go back home and just make it in time before the cakes we bought will melt.