Bulawan was rated Top 3 Pinaka Yummy in Rizal, a rating in my opinion a bit low so last Saturday (March 30, 2013) we payed a visit to our favorite Restaurant in Rizal.

When we arrived the parking was full of cars but still space was available and the inside was full of diners. The waiter who greeted us said that we had to wait but a table was made available immediately.

We ordered Chili Crab, Mixed Inihaw and Sinigang na Hipon plus Buko Juice.

Our order arrived in 20 minutes more or less, i thought it would take longer as there were so many people.

I first took a bite from the Chili Crab and my verdict, Heavenly! It even became better from the last time i had it!! It was so soft but crunchy that you can eat the shell!!

The mixed inihaw was good but it was bigger before, the vegetables were cooked just right, the hito was delicious but not so the Tilapia. still the price hasnt changed much.

The sinigang was mixed too. Small shrimps were used but they were FRESH.

Service as usual was Very Good. And after the very appetizing meal, it further made me ask why they were just #3 when the #1 had mediocre food?