While in Cebu i did a Google Search where to buy the best Sylvanna’s in Cebu. My search pointed me to a house in Tojong Street, Mrs U’s Sylvannas (just Next Door according to the Island Stays Website) and The Cebu Country Club Sylvannas. Since the last one was a Country Club and you have to be a member to enter i crossed that out of my list.

I asked EPC to bring me to Islands Stays along Archbishop Reyes Avenue. From there i walked to the Commercial Establishments just beside it. I looked for Mrs U’s Sylvannas but could not find it so i went back to the Car and told EPC to go straight on the Street where he was parked (the street was Tojong). The #20 TOJONG Street turned out to be just beside Island Stays. So i went down and pressed on the doorbell and after a minute a maid went out. I asked about the prices, she said P488 for the Big size and P388 for the small size. I got 2 of the Big Size since it was recommended.

Back at the hotel I placed the Sylvannas inside the Hotel Ref. But i took a piece first to see if it indeed was as good as they said. Honestly it was good but not Extraordinarily Good, not the same Level as Sans Rival of Dumaguete but Good enough. It is rather too sweet for my taste also.

I am confused though if Mrs U and Nena Montenegro are just one and the same. There is no other Sylvannas seller beside Island Stays beside #20 Tojong and in their website it clearly states Mrs U is located next door.

Nena Montenegro’s Sylvannas can bu purchased from the MLM Bakeshop, #20 Tojong Street, Cebu City. Beside Island Stays. P488 for the Big Size, P388 for the Small.