Our Original trip to Batanes was scheduled on Nov 26-30 via Skyjet but When i called Skyjet they said all flights for November were cancelled and that December trips were still not sure. So we ended up buying new tickets via PAL at much higher rates.

11/15/2014 North Batan Tour

We arrived at NAIA3 at 4am. After Check In we had Breakfast At Mrs Fields. I got their corned beef meal for P170. Then a 1 hour 45 minute plane ride to Basco. We were met by Jessie of Crisan Lodge at Basco Airport. After getting our bags we went to Crisan Lodge. The vehicle used to fetch us was something i saw for the first time. In my opinion a much better mode of transportation in Batanes.


We were met by Mon Imperial (the owner) at the lodge and we were shown to our rooms. We were served breakfast of Egg, Rice and Sausage.

At 9am we started with the tour. The first stop was the Basco cathedral. Then we went to the Naidi hills. Then to the basco lighthouse. Next to Tukon church then to the pag asa radar station, Japanese tunnel and to boulder beach We had Lunch at Pension Ivatan. We ordered the Ivatan platter for 1700.


After lunch we went back to the lodge.  I went around the town. Visited the art gallery, a souvenir shop, the church, market. We Bought pizza and ate it at the lodge.

11/16/2014 Sabtang Island Tour

Woke up at 4am. Breakfast at 5am. Took tricycle at 6am for ivana. Arrive at ivana at 630. No boat yet. Visited church. At 720 boarded boat to Sabtang. Arrived at 8am. Picked up by rudy using tricycle. First stop chavayan view point then to chavayan. Visited the barangay including the chavayab chapel. Then to savidug and savidug chapel. Registered with information office and paid 200. Then to rock arch (ahaw) in morong beach. Then to sabtang light house and sabtang church then lunch at resto near port. Boarded boat 1240. Arrived 120. Went to white beach. 130-330. Then back to lodge. 5pm went to fundacion pacita but they need reservations so we just made reservations for tom dinner. We went instead to hiro’s for dinner

11/17 South Batan Island Tour

I Woke up at 6am then i Went out for a short walk. We had Breakfast at 730am. It was a simple breakfast of yellow rice plus scrambled egg with ham bits. We Left the lodge at 840am and Arrived at chawa viewdeck at 850. Then to Mahatao Shelter Port. Then to Mahatao Church and Blank Book Archive. Old spanish lighthouse. Tayid lighthouse. Then to Marlboro Country (Racuh A Payaman). Then to Imnajbu Chapel. Lapad Viewpoint (Dawn Zulueta/Richard Gomez). Barrio itbud. Song Song Ruins (A sitio that was struck by a tsunami decades ago and the residents were transferred to Mindanao) then to Honesty Cafe then to Ivana Church. House of dakay. Spanish bridge. Lunch at Vatang Grill & Restaurant. Ordered Chili Tausi Fish. Salt and Pepper Pork, Humot, pancit. Then stopped at White Beach & blue lagoon (homoron) then to Souvenir Shop. Went to Abad street. Bought kamote at 30 a kilo. Garlic at 170 a pack and corn at 30 a pack. At 5pm we left the lodge for Fundacion Pacita. Had turmeric chicken, pork, paella negra, pumpkin soup, panna cotta, mulberry ice cream and calamansi pie. Then we returned to the lodge. Settled our bill with Mon, our total bill totaled 11,360

11/18 Sabtang Island Overnight

Woke up at 4am. Breakfast at 5am. Took trike to Ivana at 545. Paid 110. Arrived at Ivana 6am. Boarded boat at 6:50 but did not leave until 9:50am (the 2nd trip was cancelled so we just waited for the Sabtang Residents who went to Basco to buy supplies)We arrived at Sabtang at 10:20. Picked up by rudy in a van. We went to the Tourism Office to register, paid 200. Bought packed lunch before proceeding with our trip. First went to Sumnanga (Little Hong Kong) then to the next town Nakamamuan. Stopped at morong beach to eat lunch then stopped at sabtang church then to Chavayan. Stayed at Lola Maring’s Home stay for 150. Home cooked dinner at the home stay. Paid 200 a person for the dinner. We were served Nilagang Baboy, escabeche, rice and bukayo for dessert.

11/19 Batan Island – Uyugan and Basco

Woke up at 4am. Left Chavayan at 445am then arrived at Sabtang at 520am. Paid Rudy 2500 (Less 700) and 700 (Less500) for the trip. The 1st trip to Ivana was cancelled so we waited until 10am if the trip will resume. We went to the Tourism Office to rest then went to the Restaurant near the Port for breakfast. I ate Rice, Egg, Flying Fish & Milo for 115 pesos. At 815 we finally left. The Mayor gave clearance for the trip to continue. Arrived at Sabtang at 835am. Took trike around 910 (paid just 70 since we hitched a ride with our co travellers) and arrived at Basco at 950am. At 10am took trike to Uyugan. Arrived at Uyugan at 10:40. Just spent 10 minutes there and went back to Basco. Arrived at Basco at 1130. Paid 540 for the Tricycle. Went around the town. Bought paintings and souvenirs. Had lunch at the Saint Dominic College Canteen (Near the Church) then went to the lodge to rest. Went out again. Went to the Airport and to the Provincial Capitol. Visited the tourism office. Went to koocharah pizza. Bought Pepperoni and Cheese pizza for takeout & pork barbecue. 11/20 Last Day in Batanes Woke up at 440am. Breakfast at 5am. Went out for a walk. Went to the Church. Settled my bill with Mon. Paid 350 for the bed space. Left at 7:03am and arrived at Airport after 2 minutes via tricycle. Bags for Check In was Manually Checked. Then to Check In. After getting boarding pass went to the final check. Hand carry bag was checked. Terminal Fee 75. Departure was delayed. We boarded at 9am and the plane departed around 915am. Arrived at 1050am.