During our last day in Downtown Davao City (We would be transferring to another Hotel the next day) we decided to try Bulca Chong. The restaurant was just a few minutes walk from our hotel. We went to Bulca Chong after having Maki at the restaurant beside our Hotel.

After a few minutes walk we reached Bulca Chong, an Old house colored white.  There were empty tables inside but we were pointed to the tables outside.


I ordered 2 of the Bulca Chong and rice to go with it. After a few minutes bowls of Orange Colored Soup were brought to our table.

When i tasted Bulca Chong i could not place what it actually tasted like. It was like a mix of Bulalo and Afritada or Mechado. Anyway, after eating a few pieces of the Very Tender beef i decided to call it quits. Somehow i did not fancy Bulca Chong. Though I may not have really enjoyed Bulca Chong, i did taste what the locals do enjoy. An experience every tourist to davao should look forward to.


Bulca Chong Restaurant is located at General Luna near Gaisano Illustre