Yesterday we went to Megamall. The first Restaurant that i saw was Kaka. Kaka is located at the 4th level Bridgeway.

After being shown to a table we were given the Menu. Kaka specializes in Filipino food. I ordered their Pork Sisig, Hito with Buro, Rice and Kaka Kooler. Our order was repeated by the order taker.

After waiting for what probably was 10-15 minutes the hito with buro was served.

The Hito was fried perfectly. It was delicious. The accompanying buro was very good too. The hito was almost finished and the sisig was still no where in sight. It was served when the Hito was already finished. I was wondering what was taking soooo long for it to be served given that Sisig is basically cooked already and was just put on a sizzling plate and then topped with an egg. Anyway the wait was not worth it as the Sisig failed to impress me. It was the wet type and there was so few onions mixed in. The serving was not that much too and the price was not commensurate to it.

The kaka kooler failed to arrive the reason behind it would remain a mystery. There were not that many diners so saying they were Busy is not acceptanle. It was still included in the bill do i pointed to the Manager who gave me the bill that the Kaka Kooler never arrived. She looked at the Table, probably looking for the Kaka Kooler and went back to the Cashier. A few minutes she went back saying sorry for the mistake.

Kaka needs to improve their sisig, a complete Overhaul is in order but their Hito is perfect as it is. Their service needs improvement too.