Located around 1-1.5 hours from San Jose Mainland is the Paradise like beach called Inasakan Beach. It is located in Ilin Island.

Inasakan boasts of Crystal Clear Waters & Powdery Fine Sand. It is like Boracay before Development reared its ugly hand on the island. In Inasakan there is no development except for 2 Native cottages, a bathroom / toilet which looks like it was ravaged by a typhoon. There is a house on the side which can be rented.

There is also nothing to eat in the Island except for buko so be sure to bring food when you go there. You can borrow a grill and cook your food or hire the locals to cook the food for you.


I REALLY Enjoyed my Stay in Inasakan and if I will go back to Mindoro, Inasakan is one destination which i will go back to.

How to Get to Inasakan: in San Jose get a boat (arrange this with your resort or hotel) that will take you to Inasakan. A boat that can carry around 20 people will cost around 3,500 so the more you are in the group the cheaper the cost. Set aside also 500 to rent the cottage and 20 each per person.