Seafoods and Ribs Warehouse was just established in 2014. My cousins who went to Tacloban enjoyed the food so much that they kept on raving about it. So when we arrived in Tacloban Airport we first went to Seafoods and Ribs Warehouse.
The Restaurant is located in a warehouse type structure. Upon entering different seafoods and other meats will greet you on your left. Choose what you want and tell the order taker how you want it cooked or just ask them for their suggestions.

We ordered the following: Ribs, adobong scallops, kilawin tanigue and Butter Garlic Shrimps.


Everything was good but the standout for me was the Butter Garlic Shrimp and the Kilawin Tanigue. The Shrimps were soooo good that it was impossible not to just eat 1 or 2.


Service was great too. It was fast and efficient. Price is expected to be high as it is Seafood that we ordered.

This was our Bill. Price is high but the taste was definitely good.