To get around Isabela you have the following options: Van, Tricycle and Bus.

1. Tricycle: rates for tricycle may differ from place to place. Ask the driver how much is the rate, all the tricycle drivers i encountered in Isabela were honest. For Cauayan, rate is P12 a person. But the rate is the sharing rate, there is also a special ride wherein you have the tricycle to yourself. Where to hail a tricycle: Anywhere

2. Van: Van’s can be hailed usually along the highway or main road but you are not assured of a seat at all times. You can go to the Van Terminal also but they usually wont leave until a number of passengers are present.

Sample Fares by Van:
Ilagan to Tumauini: P30

3. Bus: buses like vans can be hailed at main roads and highways. Just dont go to an area where there is a No Loading/Unloading Sign. You can also go to the Terminal. Buses are usually Non-Aircon and Old Buses.

Sample Fares by Bus:
Cauayan to Gamu: P25