After checking out the Hotel (Country Inn) we went to Market where the Buses are located. We stopped at the Terminal First, there were 2 buses to choose from Doluzon and GMW Trans (Sister Company of Florida). Both the Buses were going to Vigan. The Doluzon said that they will leave at 1pm while GMW said they will leave at 2pm. We decided on the Non Aircon Doluzon since it will be leaving earlier. We left our backpacks inside the bus and went to the Restaurant located across. After lunch we boarded the bus. The bus did not leave as promised (as usual this is the norm especially in the province). The bus left around 130pm. There were no passengers except me and my buddy and the conductor and driver. Along the way they picked up passengers. We were nearing the town of Gonzaga when the conductor said something to the other passenger and they got off at a waiting shed. The bus then made a U Turn. We went back to their Garage and while there they got pails of water and put into the Bus. This took something like more than 30 minutes and i saw the GMW bus speed past by us (how i wished we had gotten off the Doluzon Bus). Our trip resumed but it was moving in such a snails pace i was thinking it will take us forever to get to Pagudpud. Along the way they got passengers, more passengers and even more until the bus was almost full. Aside from passengers they also picked up packages, boxes of styrofoam which looked like it contained fish. The bus eventually moved faster around 5pm but we still had a long way to go to Pagudpud. We eventually arrived at Pagudpud around 9pm.