The other day we were supposed to eat at another restaurant along Lilac Street but when we arrived at the Restaurant it was still closed and so we ended up at the nearest restaurant we could find.

The Restaurant that caught my attention was Dapo at Tisa. Formerly an Old House and repurposed into a Restaurant. There were a lot of Diners at Dapo at Tisa when we arrived and that was good. 

Staff were friendly at Dapo at Tisa. We were asked how many we were. We seated ourselved at a big table for 6 (we were just 3). The Menu of Dapo at Tisa looked like what i would usually eat at home.

There were so many choices. Since i was reducing my intake of meat i concentrated on the fish dishes. We ordered the following, Prichon, Sigarilyas, Adobong Hito sa Gata, grilled blue marlin, cucumber lemonade and Dapo Secret.

Our order arrived after a few minutes. The first to arrive was the prichon. It consisted of 7 pcs of Lechon wrapped in wrapper. It was delicious!! I wish i could have ordered more. This is a MUST order.

Next to arrive was the Sigarilyas. This too was delicious. The Sigarilyas was just cooked right. Just love how this dish tasted.