Often overlooked, Southern Leyte has beaches which can rival the more well known beaches in the Country. An Attraction that Southern Leyte can be proud of is Canigao Island in Matalom. First how to get to Matalom and then Canigao.


  1. From Tacloban go to Van Van’s Terminal or Go to Tacloban’s Main Terminal
  2. Board a Van for Maasin City via BayBay.
  3. Tell the driver to drop you off at Matalom Plaza, Fare is P200 for the 3.5 Hour Journey.
  4. At the Matalom Plaza you can just walk going to the port for Canigao. The port is just located Beside where the Statue in the Plaza is located. It is just a few steps away.
  5. At the port you will have to pay 40 pesos (Entrance Fee) for each adult.
  6. Boat fare is P65. The boat will not leave until the Minimum Number of passengers has been reached. Minimum is 25 or a Total of P1625. The price is already Round Trip. If it is a Weekend, Chances are that it might take a long time before the 25 is met so you can just pay for the Minimum if you want to get to the Island. Travel time to the Island is 20 Minutes.
  7. You can rent a Very Basic Room for P1500. Basic means a Bathroom (No Flush), No Hot Shower, No TV. The room has 2 Double Deckers and a Fan.
  8. You can also rent a Tent for P200 plus P100 for the space or bring your own Tent.
  9. Cottages can also be rented, just bring your Blankets and pillows.


  1. SWIM – Canigao’s Water is Crystal Clear. Perfect to Swim ALL DAY. I enjoyed swimming in Canigao that i did not notice that i already spent hours in the beach.
  2. SNORKELLING – Just bring your own Gear as they do not have any for rent in Canigao.
  3. EAT – Food is CHEAP in Canigao. Just go to the Market and see what is Available. Do Not Expect any fancy dishes to be prepared. Basically they can grill, steam, fry and make soup dishes. Also bring your own Utensils and Dishes and bowls. As they just make do with Empty Ice Cream containers for Containers.
  4. EXPLORE THE ISLAND – Go around the Island and check out other parts aside from the Main Area.
  5. JUST RELAX – Sleep all day if you want. Canigao Is the perfect place to REST, just dont go on a WEEKEND as the Island can be filled with people.